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HORO Records

The company Horo Records was created by italian jazz producer Aldo Sinesio on 1972.
The core of the works was issued on 3 different LP series: HLL, HZ, HDP.
Some different works were published on other 3 minor series.
The label stopped its production on 1979.

Horo HLL 101 "Jazz a Confronto" series
- 35 records, released from 1973 to 1976
- recorded in Rome from 1972 to 1976, except were noted
- single sleeves
This series has 4 different artworks, that turned across the years.
Also the artwork of labels turned consequently, except for the first and second series who have the same graphics.
Selected titles of the first 3 series (and also the first volume, which has a sole artwork) were re-released with the subsequent new artwork.

- Artwork of volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 is composed by a black drawing on a red background, with a vertical white band on right with the name of the artist.
The label of volumes from 1 to 4 is red.
First issue of volume 1 has the band on right of a dark brown colour, then it was re-released with a white band.
Selected titles were re-released with the artwork of the subsequent volumes (see below).
- Artwork of volumes from 5 to 12 is composed by the same black drawing on a red background, with several vertical red bands placed side by side, disposed on a white background.
The label of volumes from 5 to 12 is red.
Selected titles were re-released with the same sleeve artwork, but with a white label with a red stripe on center disposed horizontally.
- Artwork of volumes from 13 to 24 is composed by a black picture of the artist placed on a horizontal bands background of different colours.
The label of volumes from 13 to 24 is white with a red stripe on center disposed horizontally.
Selected titles were re-released with the artwork of the subsequent volumes (see below), but with the white-red labels.
- Artwork of volumes from 25 to 35 is composed by a brownish drawing on center and a blue band with the name of the artist on top.
All volumes with this artwork are fully laminated.
The label of volumes from 25 to 35 is yellow with blue lettering.
Possibly, selected titles of this series were re-released, but they are indistinguishable from the originals.

Number Artist Title recorded on featuring notes cover
HLL 101-01 De Paula Irio Balanço/Jazz a Confronto, v.1 december 1972 Rosciglione/Vieira/Mandrake

HLL 101-02 Rosa Marcello Jazz a Confronto, vol.2 january 1973 Piana/Schiaffini/Pieranunzi/Tommaso/Rocci/others
HLL 101-03 Basso Gianni Jazz a Confronto, vol.3 february 1973 Franco D'Andrea/Bruno Tommaso/Bruno Biriaco

HLL 101-04 Rosolino Frank Jazz a Confronto, vol.4 may 1973 Basso/D'Andrea/Pieranunzi/Tommaso/Biriaco

HLL 101-05 Schiaffini Giancarlo Jazz a Confronto, vol.5 june 1973 (1974) Urbani/Giammarco/Joseph/Tommaso/Iannaccone
HLL 101-06 Barigozzi Giancarlo Jazz a Confronto, vol.6 december 1973 Bruno Tommaso/Gianni Cazzola
HLL 101-07 Joseph Martin Jazz a Confronto, vol.7 february 1974 Tommaso/Iannaccone
HLL 101-08 Schiano Mario/Giorgio Gaslini Jazz a Confronto, vol.8 february 1974 Giammarco/Urbani/Formichella/Tommaso/Iannaccone

HLL 101-09 Sellani Renato Jazz a Confronto, vol.9 march 1974 G.Basso/B.Tommaso/B.Biriaco
HLL 101-10 Griffin Johnny Jazz a Confronto, vol.10 april 1974 D'Andrea/Tommaso/Biriaco
HLL 101-11 Ambrosetti Franco Jazz a Confronto, vol.11 1974 quartet w.J.Van't Hof/J.F.Jenny Clark/D.Humair

HLL 101-12 Wilson Teddy Jazz a Confronto, vol.12 may 1974 piano solo
HLL 101-13 Urbani Massimo Jazz a Confronto, vol.13 december 1974 Calvin Hill/Nestor Astarita

HLL 101-14 Rava Enrico Jazz a Confronto, vol.14 november 1974 Urbani/Hill/Astarita
HLL 101-15 Mariano Charlie Jazz a Confronto, vol.15

HLL 101-16 Nistico Sal Jazz a Confronto, vol.16 february 1975 Pieranunzi/De Paula/Urso/Vieira
HLL 101-17 VV.AA. Jazz a Confronto/JAC's anthology
all inedit tracks
HLL 101-18 Hampton Slide/Dusko Gojkovic Jazz a Confronto, vol.18 january 1972 G.Basso/B.Bailey/V.Benedetti/others

HLL 101-19 Waldron Mal Jazz a Confronto, vol.19 april 1972 piano solo
HLL 101-20 Clarke Kenny Jazz a Confronto, vol.20

HLL 101-21 Pullen Don Jazz a Confronto, vol.21 march 1975 G.Adams/D.Williams/D.Richmond

HLL 101-22 Adams George Jazz a Confronto, vol.22 march 1975 D.Pullen/D.Williams/D.Richmond
HLL 101-23 Grossman Steve Jazz a Confronto, vol.23 june 1975 De Paula/Urso/Vieira/Castro

HLL 101-24 Pieranunzi Enrico Jazz a Confronto, vol.24 june 1975 piano trio w.Bruno Tommaso/Ole Jorgensen

HLL 101-25 Richmond Dannie Jazz a Confronto, vol.25

HLL 101-26 James Stafford Jazz a Confronto, vol.26 july 1975 quartet w.Enrico Rava/Dave Burrell/Beaver Harris
HLL 101-27 Shepp Archie Jazz a Confronto, vol.27 september 1975 Greenlee/Burrell/Williams/Harris
HLL 101-28 Paris Quartet Jazz a Confronto, vol.28
HLL 101-29 Haynes Roy Jazz a Confronto, vol.29

HLL 101-30 Iacoucci Gerardo Jazz a Confronto, vol.30 november 1975 piano solo

HLL 101-31 Della Grotta Roberto Jazz a Confronto, vol.31 december 1975 Maurino/Zoffoli/Salis/Marinelli
HLL 101-32 Konitz Lee Jazz a Confronto, vol.32 1976

HLL 101-33 Agudo Louis/Afonso Vieira Jazz a Confronto, vol.33

HLL 101-34 Valdambrini Oscar/Dino Piana Jazz a Confronto, vol.34 june 1976 Midana/Gabbi/Marullo/Pieranunzi/Tommaso/Podio
HLL 101-35 Umiliani Piero Jazz a Confronto, vol.35 april 1974 Gianni Basso/Cicci Santucci/others

Horo HZ series
- 12 records, released from 1976 to 1979
- recorded in Rome from 1975 to 1978, except were noted
- full laminated single sleeves

Number Artist Title rec. feat. cover
HZ 01 Shepp Archie Mariamar october 1975 Greenlee/Santucci/De Paula/Urso/Vieira

HZ 02 Pullen Don Five to go 1976 piano solo

HZ 03 Adams George Suite for swingers

HZ 04 Smith Michael J. The dualities of man Oslo, february 1977 piano solo

HZ 05 Lacy Steve Threads
Alvin Curran/Frederic Rzewski

HZ 06 Blake Ran Crystal trip june 1977 piano solo

HZ 07 Romano Aldo Divieto di santificazione

HZ 08 Lacy Steve Catch 1977 duo w.Kent Carter

HZ 09 Murray David Sur-real saxophone 1978 solo
HZ 10 Shepp Archie Body and soul 1978 Greenlee/Santucci/De Paula/Urso/Vieira/Burrell/Williams/Harris
HZ 11 Lacy Steve Eronel 1978
HZ 12 Rudd Roswell The definitive 1979 solo

Horo HDP series
- 21 records, released from 1976 to 1979
- recorded in Rome from 1976 to 1978, except were noted
- double-LP sets, with full laminated gatefold cover

Number Artist Title rec. feat. cover
HDP 01/02 De Paula Irio Casinha branca 1976 backed by Cicci Santucci Orchestra
HDP 03/04 Rivers Sam Black Africa/Live in Villalago Villalago, Italy 1976 trio w.Joe Daley/Sidney Smart

HDP 05/06 Rivers Sam Black Africa/Live in Perugia Perugia, Italy 1976 trio w.Joe Daley/Sidney Smart

HDP 07/08 Blake Ran Open city june 1977 piano solo
HDP 09/10 Roach Max The loadstar july 1977 C.Bridgewater/R.Harper/R.Workman

HDP 11/12 Smith Michael J. Elvira Madigan & other dances Oslo, september 1977 duo with Knut Riisnaes

HDP 13/14 Shepp Archie The tradition

HDP 15/16 M.E.V. United patchwork

HDP 17/18 Konitz Lee/Martial Solal Duplicity 1977

HDP 19/20 Sun Ra Unity 1978
HDP 21/22 Berger Karl Changing the time

HDP 23/24 Sun Ra Other voices, other blues

HDP 25/26 Sun Ra New steps 1978 quartet w.John Gilmore/Michael Ray/Luqman Ali
HDP 27/28 Greene Burton It's all one

HDP 29/30 Bowie Lester African children 1978 Arthur Blythe/Amina Myers/Malachi Favors/Philip Wilson

HDP 31/32 Evans Gil Parabola 1978 feat.Steve Lacy
HDP 33/34 Hampel Gunter/Jeannie Lee Oasis

HDP 35/36 Schiano Mario A European proposal Cremona, Italy, april 1978 quartet w.M.Mengelberg/P.Rutherford/H.Bennink

HDP 37/38 Garrett List/Byard Lancaster/Genie Sherman/Saquid Abdu Shahid American images

HDP 39/40 Laboratorio Della Quercia same july 1978 Wheeler/Rudd/Parker/Lacy/Rava/Giammarco/Urbani/others
HDP 41/42 Albany Joe/Joe Venuti Joe Albany & Joe Venuti april 1974 Cusumano/G.Tommaso/Biriaco

Horo HSN series
Only two albums known in existence.

Number Artist Title rec. feat. cover
HSN 751 De Paula Irio Maracanà february 1974
HSN 752 De Tullio Mimmo Non con rabbia...
Cicci Santucci/Franco Ventura/Sal Genovese/Renato Venturiero

Horo HLL 104 "Il Portico" series
Only one album known in existence.
This is a literary album (poetry reading with background music).

Number Artist Title rec. feat. cover
HLL 104-01 Mollica Massimo/Irio DePaula Leggende di Sicilia
"Il Portico" series

Horo Euromusikal series
Only one album known in existence.
This was a special issue released for "Di Giorgio" guitars factory.
Promotional item/not for sale, with laminated gatefold cover.
All tracks were previously released on other Horo albums by Irio De Paula.

Number Artist Title rec. feat. cover
EM 100 De Paula/Urso/Vieira Manaus 1977 special issue for Di Giorgio guitars/not for sale; gatefold cover

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