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Dutch Fontana

Releases with cover designed by Marte Rolling and/or releases equivalent to danish Debut label issues

681.009 ZL (mono) New York Art Quartet "Mohawk"
Marte Rolling cvr

688.310 ZL Curson Ted "Tears for Dolphy" (rec.Paris 1964)
Marte Rolling cvr

688.314 ZL Brand Dollar "Anatomy of a South African village" (rec.Copenhagen 1965)
Marte Rolling cvr

688.600 ZL Hawkins/Powell/Pettiford/Clarke "Essen Jazz Festival" (rec.Germany 1960)
Debut 131 equivalent

688.603 ZL Ayler Albert "My name is"
Debut 140 equivalent

688.605 ZL Byas Don "The Big Sound/30th Anniversary" (rec.Copenhagen)
Debut 142 equivalent

688.606 Ayler Albert "Ghosts"
Debut 144 equivalent

688.705 ZL Russell George "The outer view"
Marte Rolling cvr

688.706 ZL Levitt Rod "Dynamic sound patterns"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.009 ZY (stereo) New York Art Quartet "Mohawk"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.010 ZY Bley C./M.Mantler/S.Lacy "Jazz Realities"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.011 ZY Jazz Composer's Orchestra "Communication"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.012 ZY Brown Marion "Juba lee"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.013 ZY New York Contemporary Five "Consequences"
Marte Rolling cvr

881.014 ZY (or 881.014 ZY) Tchicai John/Archie Shepp "Rufus" (rec.New York City 1965)
Marte Rolling cvr

883.911 ZY Bley Paul "Blood"
Marte Rolling cvr

888.311 ZY Redman Dewey "Look for the black star"
Marte Rolling cvr

888.608 ZY Bley Paul "Touching"
Debut 147 equivalent/Marte Rolling cvr

888.609 ZY Taylor Cecil "Nefertiti" (rec.Copenhagen 1962)
Debut 148 equivalent/Marte Rolling cvr

(?) Shihab Sahib "Sahib's jazz party" (rec.Copenhagen 1963)
Debut 141 equivalent

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