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Carosello 21000 series ("Jazz From Italy" series)

Albums released from 1975 to 1981.
All records have single cover.

Catalogue Number Artist Title cover back note 1 note 2
CLE 21015 Freeman Bud/Wingy Manone/Lino Patruno Milan May 24th

CLE 21016 Basso Gianni Hit

CLE 21017 Fanni Sergio Hard Suite LP reissue:
Right Tempo RTCL 814
CLE 21018 Manusardi Guido Blue & new things

CLE 21019 Hampton Slide Life music

CLE 21020 Azzolini Giorgio The Scicluna street LP reissue:
Right Tempo RTCL 804
CLE 21021 Volonte' Eraldo Safari

CLE 21022 Gualdi Henghel Now

CLE 21023 Cichellero Gigi Lonely Street Previously released as "Stereo Hi-Fi Experience" on IRT Imperial Records (Italy, 1974)
CLE 21024 Rusca Mario Suspension
CLE 21025 Gatti Angel Pocho Latineuro

CLE 21026 ? ?

CLE 21027 Zimbo Trio Zimbo

CLE 21028 Manusardi Guido Givin's livin'

CLE 21029 McPartland Jimmy/Dick Cary/Lino Patruno Singin' the blues

CLE 21030 ? ?

CLE 21031 Pillot Giancarlo/Julius Farmer Brother man

CLE 21032 Wilson Teddy Live at Santa Tecla

CLE 21033 De Rose Nino Macondo

CLE 21034 D'Andrea Franco Nuvolao

CLE 21035 Mayafra Combo Mayafra
LP reissue:
Right Tempo RTCL 802
CLE 21036 Fasoli Claudio Eskimo fakiro

CLE 21037 Butterfield Billy Plays George Gershwin

CLE 21038 De Piscopo Tullio Future percussion

CLE 21039 Pieranunzi Enrico A long way

CLE 21040 Arienti Angelo Sunday, April 2

CLE 21041 Bonafede Luigi Esasperazione

CLE 21042 Sellani Renato A nostro modo

CLE 21043 Schiano Mario/Antonello Salis Old fashioned

CLE 21044 Cavicchioli Gigi Ragtime Ensemble

CLE 21045 Mussolini Romano Soft & swing
LP reissue:
Right Tempo RTCL 809
CLE 21046 Miller Eddie Live at Capolinea, vol.1

CLE 21047 De Rose Nino Coalhouse walker

CLE 21048 Patruno Lino Blue and sentimental

CLE 21049 Miller Eddie Live at Capolinea, vol.2

CLE 21050 Cesari Umberto Reminiscenze

CLE 21051 Patruno Lino Bix memorial

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