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Italian MPS BASF Records

The italian record division of Basf, a german chemical company, owner of MPS Basf record company, started his work on early 1973.
Very few infos are available about the italian division of the label.
Possibly, with the intention to expand its market, the german headquarters decided to open some new european main offices: in Italy and in Spain.
They already had in Europe the dutch one, the french one and the austrian one, and overseas the american one, the australian one and others.
The italian branch produced about 20 releases from 1973 to 1975.
They published two LPs only on spring-summer 1973 and started new releases on the subsequest year, possibly due to a management turnover, and re-named the label "Basf Fare".


- 8 records, released from 1973 to 1975
- recorded in Italy
- gatefold laminated sleeves
- yellow or black labels

Number Artist Title year featuring notes pictures
Z 23311 Rava Enrico Katcharpari recorded in Milan on january 10, 1973 John Abercrombie, Bruce Johnson, Chip White first issue has hard and thick laminated sleeve, second issue has light not-laminated cardboard sleeve; the record was also released on German MPS BASF with catalogue number 21.21916-2 (picture below)

Z 23312 Gaslini Giorgio Message recorded in Milan on march 9-12, 1973 large ensemble feat.Enrico Rava, Guido Mazzon, Paul Rutherford, Danilo Terenzi, Gianni Bedori, Massimo Urbani -
21.23137 F Murple Io sono Murple may 1973 Pino Santamaria, Piercarlo Zanco, Mario Garbarino, Duilio Sorrenti -
21.23301 G Montedoro Gianfranca Donna Circo february 1974 female singer backed by "Murple" band -

21.23313 Z Manusardi Guido Live Suite march 1974 Claudio Fasoli, Giorgio Azzolini, Tullio De Piscopo -

21.23318 Z Foy Bunnie Way-O april 1974 duo with Sonny Taylor has "17/12/74" on trail-offs
21.23320 Q Enzo Samaritani Pe Carmosina De Casaluce july 1974 ?

21.23326 Q Russo Junie Love is a woman 1974 ?


- 11 records, released from 1974 to 1975
- recorded in Italy

Number Artist Title flip side recorded on notes pictures
06.13305 Q Raptus Try this now b/w "Dream walker" 1974 -
06.13306 Q Officina Meccanica Stranger in his Country b/w "Un attimo di vita" 1974 original soundtrack from the movie "Un attimo di vita"
06.13314 Q Azienda Tranviaria Passaggio b/w "Parole inutili" 1974 -
06.13315 Q Polifemo E' gią passato un anno b/w "Colori rubati" 1974 -
06.13319 Q Marat Giuseppe Maria Bianca Neve b/w "Ma tu che ne sai" 1974 -
06.13321 Q Di Vasco Selvaggia Na Nanu Nu Nana b/w "Esperanza" 1974 has "06-06-74" on trail-offs
06.13322 F Murple Tra i fili b/w "Murple rock" 1974 -

06.13325 Q Russo Junie Milk of paradise b/w "I've drunk in my dream" 1974 -
06.13327 F Opera Puff Chi tocca muore b/w "Accanto al fuoco" 1974 has "06-06-74" on trail-offs
06.13330 Q Russo Junie Everything is gonna be alright b/w "Vodka" 1975 -

06.13331 Q Masina Giulietta and Marco Tolli Non voglio niente b/w "Senza etą" 1975 backed by Orchestra Ciangherotti; the record was also released on Spanish MPS BASF

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